Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Survival Guide: Handling the Holidays during Recovery

A Survival Guide: Handling the Holidays during Recovery
The holiday time can have a triggering effect on alcoholics who are trying to recover from their addiction. Why? Because, while the holiday season for some is reconnecting with friends, going out with family, partying in office etc., for the alcoholics it is time to engage in drinking on the pretext of celebration. So, it gets difficult for an addict to remain sober as this time of year is generally filled with heavy drinking and the active alcoholics who are trying to remain sober may fall into a relapse.

A Survival Guide for Sober Alcoholics During the Holidays

1.      Call upon the people whom you trust as there will be at least one person in the party who understands your situation and will keep you away from any unfavorable circumstances.
2.      Be ready with an escape plan so that if you feel an urge of drinking, you can leave the venue immediately. Try bringing your own vehicle.
3.      Choose the events which you will be attending wisely and do not feel pressurized to attend all the events for which you have been invited.
4.      Get more involved in those activities which do not contain alcohol like go for a movie, play cricket or any other sport, take your family out for a picnic etc.
5.      Keep yourself busy by performing various daily activities and save yourself from being isolated.
6.      Carry some juices and non- alcoholic drinks to the party and stay limited to them while others can enjoy their own drinks.
7.      Play smart and bring your party cup and put your soft drink in. Everyone will assume that you are having alcohol and nobody will force you to drink then.
8.      Do not choose those food items which contain alcohol as even the least amount of alcohol can start cravings.
Anyone who is fully committed to his recovery will not get affected and influenced by the holiday season and the following preventive measures are there to help him too.


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